Getting Started with Talentful

Everything you need to know -- and do -- to get started with your account. Set yourself up for lasting success by working through the help items below.

  1. Managing Job Openings

    1. Why do I need to add job openings
    2. How to add a job opening
    3. How to update/delete a job opening
    4. How to save candidates to a job opening
    5. How to save a sourcing search to a job opening
    6. How to view candidates of a job opening
    7. How to view referrals for a job opening
  2. Discover potential candidates with Talentful Instant Sourcing Tool

    1. How to search candidates with specific skills
    2. How to filter sourcing result by locations
    3. How to discover/filter candidates by Meetup groups
    4. How to save searches
    5. How to search candidate by email and/or Github login
  3. Making referrals via Talentful

    1. Why should you use referrals to hire software developers
    2. How to make referrals via Talentful
    3. What's the difference between Anonymous Referrals and Direct Referrals
    4. How to confirm Referrals
    5. How to view referred friends' status
    6. How to download contact list from
  4. Viewing Talent Profiles

    1. What is a talent profile
    2. How to save a profile to a job opening
    3. How to update tags on a profile
  5. Using Talentful Chrome Extension

    1. What is Talentful Chrome Extension
    2. How to download and install Talentful Chrome Extension
    3. How to log in/log out Talentful Chrome Extension
    4. How to use Talentful Chrome Extension
    5. How to remove Talentful Chrome Extension
  6. Discovering relevant skills

    1. What is a Talentful Technical Skill Lookup
    2. How to discover relevant skills via Talentful Skill Lookup
  7. Managing your individual account

    1. How to update personal information
    2. How to view your usage
  8. Understanding your privacy protection

    1. How do we ensure your privacy
    2. How to remove contact data
  9. Managing a corporate account

    1. How to update corporate information
    2. How to invite/add users
    3. How to manage individual users
    4. How to update/view billing information
    5. How to view invoices